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SBDC Postcard

I had the pleasure of creating a promotional postcard for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), located within Kishwaukee College and Waubonsee Community College. After discussing with the client I was able to conceptualize, design, and create production-ready files for the final product.

The postcard’s primary goal is to encourage individuals to sign up for classes and utilize the valuable services offered by the SBDC, such as developing marketing strategies, creating business plans, and identifying funding opportunities.

The design of the postcard incorporates the following elements to effectively convey its message and align with the SBDC’s branding:

  • A visually appealing layout featuring the SBDC’s official colors, ensuring consistency with the center’s established visual identity.
  • Bold, eye-catching typography that highlights the key benefits of enrolling in classes and utilizing the SBDC’s services, grabbing the attention of potential clients and motivating them to take action.
  • Engaging graphics and icons that visually represent the various services offered by the SBDC, making the postcard more informative and easily digestible for readers.
  • A clear call-to-action, urging individuals to sign up for classes and take advantage of the valuable resources provided by the SBDC.

To create a cohesive and impactful design, I carefully balanced these elements while adhering to the SBDC’s branding guidelines, ensuring that the postcard would resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate its intended message.

You can also view the PDF here.