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All Praise – Graphite – 9×12″

This personal graphite drawing project was one of my favorite pieces to work on! The drawing depicts a woman practicing mindfulness in the moment after prayer, right before a competition and measures 9 x12 inches.

The primary objective of this project was to create a visually stunning and detailed representation of the woman’s prayer practice, and being in those quiet moments before a competition. I wanted to express the idea that prayer and mindfulness can be used as powerful tools to help us stay focused, centered, and grounded, even in high-pressure situations.

To achieve this, I employed various techniques such as shading, blending of graphite, and using contrasting tones to create depth and dimensionality in the drawing.

This personal project allowed me to showcase my skills in traditional art media and my ability to convey emotions and ideas through visuals. It also speaks to my belief in the power of prayer and mindfulness in achieving our goals and staying centered in challenging situations.

Incorporating the Praise drawing project into my portfolio highlights my ability to create captivating and meaningful art pieces that showcase my skills in shading, texture, and composition. It showcases my passion for art and my commitment to producing high-quality work that resonates with people on an emotional level. I’m proud to have completed this project and to have had the opportunity to express my creativity and reflect on the power of mindfulness through my art.