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Carpentersville Postcard

As a freelance graphic designer, I took on the task of designing a postcard from start to press-ready, for the village of Carpentersville, Illinois, aimed at encouraging residents to revive local shopping in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This vibrant postcard showcases the unique charm of Carpentersville while adhering to the brand guidelines, creating a visual call-to-action that invites the community to rediscover and support their local businesses.

The design of the postcard features the following elements, in line with Carpentersville’s branding:

  • A visually engaging layout that incorporates the official colors and typography of Carpentersville, ensuring consistency with the village’s established visual identity.
  • Distinctive graphics and imagery that capture the essence of the local flavor, celebrating the diverse range of businesses and attractions that Carpentersville has to offer.
  • Compelling messaging that highlights the importance of shopping local and supporting the community’s economic recovery, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among residents.
  • A clear call-to-action, urging individuals to explore and embrace the unique shopping experiences available in Carpentersville.

Throughout the design process, I carefully balanced these elements while adhering to the village’s brand guidelines, ensuring that the postcard would resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate its intended message.

Incorporating this postcard design into my graphic design portfolio showcases my ability to create visually captivating and meaningful marketing materials that align with a brand’s identity and effectively convey the desired message. This project highlights my expertise in understanding client needs, developing creative concepts, and delivering high-quality designs that engage the target audience and inspire action.

You can also view the PDF here