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AT&T Rewards Variable Data Mailer

As a freelance graphic designer, I had the opportunity to create a personalized mailer letter for AT&T, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. The project involved designing around variable data locations, ensuring that each letter could be customized for each individual address. As with all of my print projects, I took this one from concept all the way to press-ready.

The design of the mailer letter showcases the following elements, adhering to AT&T’s branding and style guide:

  • A visually appealing layout featuring AT&T’s signature colors and typography, maintaining consistency with the company’s well-established visual identity at the time.
  • Strategically placed variable data locations that enable seamless personalization of each letter for mailing purposes.
  • Clear, concise messaging that effectively communicates the purpose of the mailer and highlights the benefits of AT&T’s products and services.
  • Engaging graphics and imagery that visually support the content of the letter and reinforce the AT&T brand, further enhancing the overall design.

Throughout the design process, I meticulously followed AT&T’s branding and style guide to ensure that the mailer letter would resonate with the target audience and accurately represent the company’s values and offerings.

You can also view the PDF here.