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AT&T ConnecTech Rack Cards

In this project, my objective was to craft an engaging and visually appealing rack card design for AT&T ConnecTech, which was a cutting-edge technology support service. The main aim was to showcase the services offered by AT&T ConnecTech, attract new clientele, and adhere to the company’s brand guidelines. These rack cards appeared nationwide at AT&T stores as well as other big box stores like Best Buy and RadioShack.

To accomplish this, I utilized a design layout that highlighted the brand’s proficiency in technology and innovation. The distinct icon and glossy “button” enable users to instantly recognize the service they are opting for. This unique branding element, which I developed, was then incorporated across all of ConnecTech’s branding materials.

On the reverse side of the rack card, I incorporated a straightforward call-to-action, urging customers to reach out to AT&T ConnecTech for their in-home service needs. In essence, my design focused on creating a striking and informative rack card that effectively conveyed the advantages of AT&T ConnecTech while motivating potential customers to take the next step.

I took these cards from conceptualization, to design, and finally to production-ready files.

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