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AT&T ConnecTech Brochure

This project is a brochure for AT&T ConnecTech, a technology support service offered by AT&T. The goal was to create a design that communicated the brand’s expertise in technology while also appealing to a broad audience, and displaying the company branding.

To achieve this, I utilized a modern and clean layout with a focus on bold typography and high-quality imagery. The color palette was the existing AT&T ConnecTech brand, with shades of orange and pops of blue.

Throughout the brochure, I leveraged a mix of icons, bullets, info charts and call-outs to showcase the wide range of services offered by AT&T ConnecTech, including remote computer repair, wireless home networking, and in-home computer services. I also included clear and concise headlines that communicated the benefits of each service and how it could help customers solve common technology problems.

Overall, my design aimed to create a visually engaging and informative brochure that highlighted the benefits of AT&T ConnecTech and provided a clear call-to-action for potential customers to learn more about the brand’s services.

You can also view the complete brochure here.